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Augments ‚Äč

This is a list of craftable augments that can be applied to your gear for temporary stat increases. They are consumed based on number of hits in the case of weapons, and combat time in the case of other augments.

Be warned that use of an augment will bind an item to you and you will no longer be able to trade the item to which it is applied.

Secondary materials are store bought in the case of glue and gathered in other cases. For each augment, the secondary material must match the level quality of the primary material, or stats will be reduced down to the level of the secondary material.

ArmorsmithCrude Lean Armor PaddingHead and ChestCoarse Lean LeatherThread1+3 Physical Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithRough Light Armor PaddingHead and ChestRough Light LeatherThread10+3 Stun Resists +3 Daze Resists
ArmorsmithLean Armor PaddingHead and ChestFair Lean LeatherThread20+6 Physical Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithDense Armor PaddingHead and ChestFair Dense LeatherThread20+2 Resilience
ArmorsmithFair Light Armor PaddingHead and ChestFine Light LeatherThread30+5 Stun Resists +5 Daze Resists
ArmorsmithFair Robust Armor PaddingHead and ChestFine Robust LeatherThread30+5 Ember Debuff Resists +5 Ember Dmg Resists
ArmorsmithCrude Armor StrapGreavesCoarse Lean LeatherMetal1+3 Movement Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithRough Light Armor StrapGreavesRough Light LeatherMetal10+2 Combat Mov. +1 Avoid
ArmorsmithLean Armor StrapGreavesFair Lean LeatherMetal20+5 Movement Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithDense Armor StrapGreavesFair Dense LeatherMetal20+3 Physical Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithFair Light Armor StrapGreavesFine Light LeatherMetal30+4 Combat Mov. +2 Avoid
ArmorsmithFair Robust Armor StrapGreavesFine Robust LeatherMetal30+4 Chemical Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithCrude Copper Armor FlapFauldsNewhaven CopperLeather or Cloth1+1 Combat Mov.
ArmorsmithRough Tin Armor FlapFauldsFlatlands TinLeather or Cloth10+6 Chemical Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithCopper Armor FlapFauldsHighlands ZinkLeather or Cloth20+9 Mental Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithArmor FlapFauldsHighlands CopperLeather or Cloth20+3 Combat Mov.
ArmorsmithGold Armor FlapFauldsOutlands GoldLeather or Cloth30+3 Physical Debuff Resists +3 Ember Debuff Resists +3 Movement Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithTin Armor FlapFauldsOutlands TinLeather or Cloth30+11 Chemical Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithCrude Copper Armor BracingVambraces and PauldronsNewhaven CopperLeather or Cloth1+1 Combat Mov.
ArmorsmithRough Tin Armor BracingVambraces and PauldronsFlatlands TinLeather or Cloth10+2 Chemical Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithCopper Armor BracingVambraces and PauldronsHighlands ZinkLeather or Cloth20+3 Mental Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithZink Armor BracingVambraces and PauldronsHighlands CopperLeather or Cloth20+3 Combat Mov.
ArmorsmithFair Gold Armor BracingVambraces and PauldronsOutlands GoldLeather or Cloth30+1 Physical Debuff Resists +2 Ember Debuff Resists +2 Movement Debuff Resists
ArmorsmithFair Tin Armor BracingVambraces and PauldronsOutlands TinLeather or Cloth30+4 Chemical Debuff Resists
TailorCrude Lean BootstrapsBootsCoarse Lean LeatherMetal1+1 Combat Mov.
TailorRough Light BootstrapsBootsRough Light LeatherMetal10+1 Avoid +2 Chemical Dmg Resists
TailorLean BootstrapsBootsFair Lean LeatherMetal20+3 Combat Mov.
TailorDense BootstrapsBootsFair Dense LeatherMetal20+4 Movement Debuff Resists +3 Ember Debuff Resists
TailorFair Light BootstrapsBootsFine Light LeatherMetal30+2 Avoid +4 Chemical Dmg Resists
TailorFair Robust BootstrapsBootsFine Robust LeatherMetal30+6 Movement Debuff Resists +4 Combat Mov.
TailorCrude Linen PatchShirt and PantsTimberland Linen ClothThread1+5 Health Regen
TailorRough Cotton PatchShirt and PantsPrairie Cotton ClothThread10+2 Chemical Dmg Resists
TailorLinen PatchShirt and PantsHighlands Linen ClothThread20+11 Health Regen
TailorRamie PatchShirt and PantsHighlands Ramie ClothThread20+4 Healing +1 Stamina Regen
TailorFair Cotton PatchShirt and PantsFrontier Cotton ClothThread30+4 Chemical Dmg Resists
TailorFair Jute PatchShirt and PantsFrontier Jute ClothThread30+2 Ember Dmg Resists +2 Physical Dmg Resists
TinkerCrude Malachite BuckleBeltsCut Flecked Malachite GemMetal1+2 Chemical Debuff Resists
TinkerRough Turquoise BuckleBeltsCut Shiny Turquoise GemMetal10+1 Physical Dmg Resists +2 Physical Debuff Resists
TinkerMalachite BuckleBeltsCut Sparkling Malachite GemMetal20+6 Chemical Debuff Resists
TinkerTopaz BuckleBeltsCut Sparkling Topaz GemMetal20+3 Haste +3 Ember Debuff Resists
TinkerFair Turquoise BuckleBeltsCut Brilliant Turquoise GemMetal30+3 Physical Dmg Resists +4 Physical Debuff Resists
TinkerFair Casserite BuckleBeltsCut Brilliant Casserite GemMetal30+4 Ember Dmg Resists +3 Ember Debuff Resists
TinkerCrude Copper Sight PinRanged WeaponsNewhaven CopperGlue1+5 Hit
TinkerRough Tin Sight PinRanged WeaponsFlatlands TinGlue10+6 Penetration
TinkerZink Sight PinRanged WeaponsHighlands ZinkGlue20+4 Hit +3 Penetration
TinkerCopper Sight PinRanged WeaponsHighlands CopperGlue20+7 Hit
TinkerFair Gold Sight PinRanged WeaponsOutlands GoldGlue30+5 DamagePercent
TinkerFair Tin Sight PinRanged WeaponsOutlands TinGlue30+10 Penetration
WeaponsmithCrude Lean Grip Wrap1H WeaponsCoarse Lean LeatherGlue1+5 Penetration
WeaponsmithRough Light Grip Wrap1H WeaponsRough Light LeatherGlue10+4 Flanking
WeaponsmithLean Grip Wrap1H WeaponsFair Lean LeatherGlue20+7 Hit
WeaponsmithDense Grip Wrap1H WeaponsFair Dense LeatherGlue20+7 Penetration
WeaponsmithFair Light Grip Wrap1H WeaponsFine Light LeatherGlue30+8 Flanking
WeaponsmithFair Robust Grip Wrap1H WeaponsFine Robust LeatherGlue30+5 Hit +5 Penetration
WeaponsmithCrude Lean GripsGlovesCoarse Lean LeatherGlue1+1 Hit
WeaponsmithRough Light GripsGlovesRough Light LeatherGlue10+2 Hit +1 1H Weapon Damage +1 Ranged Damage
WeaponsmithLean GripsGlovesFair Lean LeatherGlue20+1 Penetration +3 Hit
WeaponsmithDense GripsGlovesFair Dense LeatherGlue20+3 1H Weapon Damage +3 2H Weapon Damage
WeaponsmithFair Light GripsGlovesFine Light LeatherGlue30+4 Hit +3 1H Weapon Damage +3 Ranged Damage
WeaponsmithFair Robust GripsGlovesFine Robust LeatherGlue30+8 Healing
WoodworkerCrude Pine Counterweight2H WeaponsTimberland Pine WoodLeather or Cloth1+1 Dice Mod
WoodworkerRough Cedar Counterweight2H WeaponsPraire Cedar WoodLeather or Cloth10+3 Flanking
WoodworkerPine Counterweight2H WeaponsHighlands Maple WoodLeather or Cloth20+8 Hit
WoodworkerMaple Counterweight2H WeaponsHighlands Pine WoodLeather or Cloth20+3 Dice Mod
WoodworkerFair Cedar Counterweight2H WeaponsOutlands Cedar WoodLeather or Cloth30+8 Flanking
WoodworkerFair Teak Counterweight2H WeaponsOutlands Teak WoodLeather or Cloth30+5 DamagePercent