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Potions ‚Äč

Crafted potions are made from mushrooms and plants and bottles. Foresters refine gathered mushrooms into mushroom oil and they refine gathered plants into plant oil. Provisioners then combine the mushroom oil and the plant oil with a bottle bought from vendors.

The following table assumes the matching tier of oil and bottle is used with a given tier of mushroom.

Penny BunHealth PotionHealth19-2229-3242-4854-60
MuddlePhysical Resist PotionPhysical Dmg Resist3
Cobalt WaxRegen PotionHealth Regen / 3s47
Spike CapPotion of FocusHit2030
Royal GullyKing's PotionDmg, Haste, Hit, Pen3
Purple TriteReflex PotionAvoid3
Purple ShockDamage Shield PotionDamage Shield68
Snow CapElemental Resist PotionEmber Dmg Resist13