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Can I increase the size of my bag or gathering bag?

Nope. You can increase the size of your personal bank and your shared bank.

How can I transfer items to my other characters?

There is a shared bank in Newhaven City that you can use to transfer items between characters. You can pay to increase its size.

How many players can fit in one group?


Can I switch my Class or Profession or Specialization?

You can switch your Profession or Specialization or even your base Class.

If you change your Profession or Class, you have to start over at level 1.

If you change your Specialization, you will keep your Class level but your Specialization will reset down to level 6. There is an xp bonus to help you get your Specialization level back up to your Class level.

If you change back again, you will be at level 1 or 6 again. You will lose any of your post-30 dropped skills if you abandon your Specialization.

To forget your Profession or Specialization or Class, open the skills page, go to the correct tab, and right click the large icon in the top left corner. Then you can go to a trainer and get a new Specialization or Profession or Class.

Is there a compass in the game? How do I navigate?

There is no compass. There is a large blue planet in the sky named the Eye of Ibax, or Blupiter if you prefer. The Eye is always in the north, so you can use it to navigate. It is sometimes obscured by clouds or trees or mountains, so you will also want to learn landmarks to help get around.

How long are day and night in game?

About an hour each.

Why is it so dark at night?

Try the exposure slider on the graphics page in options. It may or may not help.

What happens when my health goes down to zero?

If you take enough damage to have zero health you will become unconscious. You will remain unconscious for three minutes unless you are revived by another player or press the respawn button. Supporters and Wardens can use heals to revive you, but others must use smelling salts.

If you have not been revived when the timer runs out, or if you press the respawn button, you will return to the nearest Hallows that you have visited.

After being revived you will lose 5% of your maximum health. If you respawn, you will lose 15% of your maximum health.

If you are revived, you will be disoriented for several seconds.

Why are my maximum health and stamina reduced?

While using abilities, your maximum stamina will be reduced over time. This is a sign of fatigue.

If you die, your maximum health will be reduced.

You can recover both to their full maximum by sitting near an ember fire.

Why is my armor class reduced? Why can't I use my gathering tools any more?

Items have durability. Using your gathering tools reduces their durability and when they reach zero, you can no longer use them.

Armor and weapons also have durability and your armor will be less effective as you take damage. This is of particular concern for tanks who constantly take a lot of damage in groups. As armor durability goes down, so does the armor's contribution to your armor class.

You can repair your armor, weapons, and tools by visiting an outpost and using an Anvil. You must pay money to repair your items.

What do the abbreviations mean in the combat log?

You can mouse over the abbreviations to see what they are.

  • ABS - absorbed by armor
  • THR - threat
  • ADV - advantage: rolled two dice and used the higher
  • DIS - disadvantage: rolled two dice and user the lower
  • AOT - applied over time
  • PRES - partially resisted

What are augments?

Augments are crafted consumables that add a temporary stat bonus. They are applied to your equipment. Be aware that using an augment on an item binds the item to your character and you will not be able to transfer that piece of equipment in the future.

How do I get up on this scaffold?

Ladders can be right clicked to go up and down scaffolds and sometimes down into holes.

How do I move the abilities on my bar or remove them from the bar?

Hold down the shift key and then use your left mouse button to click and drag the ability either to another spot, or off the bar to remove it.

Why is the Strike skill so bad?

Strike was added to give you something to click for the first few levels. It is barely better than an autoattack and costs stamina. You won't ever use it after you get a couple abilities.

Press return to start the chat line, then hold shift and left click the icon of the item.

Can I make chat text larger?

Yes. There is a slider to scale chat font size on the Gameplay tab of the Options box.

What do Advantage and Disadvantage mean?

In tabletop dice games, advantage means that you roll two dice and take the higher roll, and disadvantage means you roll two dice and take the lower roll. In Embers Adrift the mechanism is the same, but without the dice.

Does this game have raids?

No. There is only six person group content, and it will probably stay that way.

What are those colored bugs on the ground running around?

If you step on them they give you one of several buffs for 30 minutes.